Flex your muscle and right to be “UNION” and contact us !!

It’s a smart move to consider becoming a union member, Here are several practical reasons why !!

1.  Money.  Let’s deal with this one straightaway, and let’s be sure to get it right.  Generally speaking, union jobs pay significantly more than non-union jobs.  From top to bottom, industry to industry, region to region, union wages are roughly 15 per cent  higher than non-union wages.  It’s as simple as that.  If wages matter to you, then you’ll want to join a union, because you’ll make more as a union member.  That’s part of the reason companies resist having a union workforce.  They don’t want to part with that money.

2.  Benefits.  Pensions, medical insurance, overtime pay, are generally not only better in a union shop, often the only way to obtain them is through a union contract.  In truth, many of these benefits and perks don’t exist without a union providing them.  That’s another reason why companies don’t want to go union.  Under a union contract they have to share those goodies.

3.  Safety.  This is a stark and sobering reality.  The safety record of a union shop is demonstrably superior to that of a non-union shop. A union contract gives employees the immediate right to insist on a safe work environment.  Rather than having to petition a remote government agency in the hope that they come to your aid. The safety provisions of a union contract guarantee immediate, hands-on control.  It’s no contest.  Union shops have an infinitely better safety record.

4.  Dignity. You should be treated with ethical and moral value, to put it simple, with “RESPECT” !!

5.  Security.  Minorities and women didn’t get their fair shot at good paying jobs until labor unions gave it to them, a fact that doesn’t receive enough recognition.

6.  Competence.  Surprise!  Union workers tend to be better workers than non-union workers.  Just think about it:  Which job in the community is going to attract a higher caliber performer—the one with the good wages, benefits and working conditions, or the crap job with low pay.

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