Anti-Strikebreaker Law

Date in History: October 03, 1936

The Byrnes Act of 1936, named for Sen. James Byrnes (SC-D) and amended in 1938, made it a felony to transport any person in interstate commerce who was employed for the...

Fair Labor Standards Act

Date in History: June 25, 1938

Known as the wage-hour law, this 1938 Act established minimum wages and maximum hours for all workers engaged in covered “interstate commerce.”

Minimum Wage Act

Date in History: June 12, 1912

Massachusetts adopts the first minimum wage law, setting a floor under the pay of women and minors. Other states will pass similar laws beginning the same year.

Taft-Hartley Act

Date in History: June 23, 1947

Taft-Hartley Act – June 23, 1947 It was not until two years after the close of World War II that the first major modification of the National Labor Relations Act was enacted....

Workers’ Compensation (workers’ comp)

Date in History: July 09, 1951

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s...